Winter Skin Care Routine!

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

One of my New Years Resolutions for the blog is to post more lifestyle posts! Margaritas On The Rocks is a food and lifestyle blog but I normally lean towards food. Well this year hold on to your seats because I’ve got food plus more!

In the winter months my skin really takes a beating and I try to combat it with whatever I can. one of the things I try to do is take moisturizing baths 1-2 times a week and exfoliate often to keep my skin feeling soft. I am absolutely in love with Philosophy’s shower gel, bubble bath, and shampoo. I was recently gifted two new bottles for Christmas from my boyfriends mother and let me tell you I was floating on cloud 9. For those of you who follow me regulary you know I’m pretty lazy lol; so I love the fact that I can shampoo my hair and wash my body with this same product. I’m always down for saving steps 😉

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

When ever I exfoliate I use this sugar scrub. I lucked up and found this scrub along with the detox mask at Marshall’s in Ocean City, Maryland. My boyfriend and I decided to get away for a weekend and while we were there we did a little shopping. I just had to try this scrub and lucky for me I ended up loving it. My skin is the worst so anything I can use to revive it I definitely do. I try to exfoliate at least twice a week.

Now on to these next two products! Best Damn Beauty is a skin care line by Youtube star Nicole Guierra. I love watching her videos but I wasn’t so sure at first about her products. I decided to try them because I love her so much and they ended up being pretty damn great lol. I’m especially in love with the lip mask. I apply it every night and sometimes during the day. It does wonders for my lips and brings much needed moister to my life. The face moisturizer is like hitting your face with water lol; the hydration it provides is amazing. I always apply it with a drop of the argon oil and the vitamin c serum shown below. I mix the three together.

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

I am obsesses with this detox mud mask! This is the other product I bought while in Ocean City. I used it once and was immediately drawn to how clear and cleansed my face looked. Also the scent left after washing it off was intoxicating lol. I use this mask 1-2 times a week. Its amazing and I couldn’t be happier with that purchase!

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Neutrogena; I’ve been using their products for years and they never let me down. I use the facial cleanser daily…..usually right before I hop in the shower. The vitamin C serum and Argon Oil are perfect alone or mixed with the facial moisturizer I mentioned above. I use all three daily…..well almost daily depending on how much of a rush I’m in lol.

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

I recently started using facial masks and I’m so upset I didn’t start sooner. I love the way they leave my skin feeling. Sephora has a cute section full of all different types of masks. Stop by one day if you haven’t already and take a quick browse 🙂

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

And last BUT certainly not least my Mia2 Clarosonic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing lol. It’s super easy to use and convenient. It beeps when you need to move to the different sections of your face. I think the whole process is 1-2 minutes and it goes so fast you don’t even realize it. I love how clean my face feels after using it. THE BEST!

Beat The Cold Winter Months By Amping Up Your Skin Care Routine!

My winter skin care routine is pretty basic lol. What do you do differently? Make sure to comment below. Also feel free to share this post on any of your social media accounts!

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