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Living Positive

Have you ever thought about living a positive life, with positive words of encouragement? My Yoga instructor shared a story of a study that involves two flowers. The two flowers were planted at the same time and given the same amount of water, including the same amount of sunlight each day. One flower received positive words of encouragement while the other flower received negative and hateful words. The flower that received positive words bloomed with confidence; while the other flower with negative comments was not as beautiful. Now I know you’re probably thinking who cares right however; if a flower can be effected by negative words just imagine how this can affect us as humans. Negative words hinder us from being our best self!  I’ll let you simmer on that thought.

Living Positive

We need to learn how to be positive in every aspect of our lives. I honestly believe if we start with ourselves, positivity will come naturally out of our pores. Let’s try living a positive life for a week.

Living Positive

If you hear yourself speaking negative about yourself, just change the wording. For example, I “can’t” do it, replace “can’t” with “can” (I can do it). If you’re not sure about trying this or if you think you will fail, you should really do this week challenge of positive living. It’s time to choose which path you’re going to take.

Let’s start this challenge on Sunday February 28th through Sunday March 6th.


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