Valentine’s Day Wine & Dine On a Budget!

Budget Valentines Day Date Ideas

Okay….  So I know most of you know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I’m sure you’re wondering what to do at the last minute.  This is what I call the “Procrastination Time, What was I thinking?”  It’s pretty obvious that I don’t have an answer for it so I have to buckle down and try to find a great venue for the holiday.  Most of the good restaurants are booked up with reservations.  Well….  Luckily for you I have a couple of ideas that will be budget-friendly to your wallet and impress your lovebug.  You do not need to go all around the world to display your love and affection to your valentine.  Here are some ideas if you need to locate a great deal for drinks and dinner you can use the following apps or be creative:

Groupon and Livingsocial Date Ideas

  • Groupon/Living Social:  I LOVE GROUPON and LIVING SOCIAL!!!!!!  These apps are the best when you need to locate dinner, lunch, hotel stay, etc.  You can download the Groupon/Living Social app from your Apple or Android store on your phone.  All you need to do is create an account and the app will bring up items or places that peek your interest. It’s that fast and easy and the app is FREE!!!!!  There are so many things to do for Valentine’s Day and you can use the Groupon/Living Social app(s) to do it.  You can select a Wine & Sip package, dinner and spa packages as well.  Please keep in mind that you have to pay for the packages within the app.  I have purchased several of them and it’s good until you use it.  I purchase a deal which included dinner & drinks for $25 and it was a steal.  It’s important to take your time and locate the best deal for a great price.  In my opinion, this is the best option because it’s budget-friendly and it gives you a chance to try something new and different.

Netflix & Chill

Now, I have an idea for those individuals that would like to make it an intimate Valentine’s Day night.  If you choose this option then you can make it a  Netflix and Chill night 😉 which allows you to be very creative with your significant other.  You can certainly buy some roses, wine and dinner.  I love when someone prepares a great meal for me.  It’s one of the best gifts ever because it comes from their heart.  It’s like the old saying “One way to get to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” Just make sure to pair the meal with a great bottle of Red or White wine and enjoy the delicious meal while watching a great movie at home.

I hope I have successfully provided some great ideas to make Valentine’s Day very special for you and your partner.  This is the day of love and it’s good to show it whether out or in your home.  It doesn’t matter where you spend Valentine’s Day just as long as your share it with someone you love.  I want everyone to have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day. XOXOXO……


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