Lifestyle: JEWELRY in a Bunch of shambles?

Jewelry Organization Tips!

Do you ever get tired of digging through your jewelry everyday just to find that one necklace, earring or even a bracelet and sometimes you just give up because you’re late for work? I know I have and I had enough, so I decided to buy a chain-link wall storage for my jewelry. This little thing has helped me so much with finding the right statement necklace and earrings combination.

The process is fairly easy. They have two big medium size screw nails to insert in your wall (just be cautious about your walls, if your living in an apartment). Once you have found the right location where you want to hang this bad boy start screwing the nail with your hand until the resistance comes in. 

Jewelry Organization Tips!

They give you 12 hooks to hang up your necklaces or bracelets. As you can see below the process is done! It took about 10 minutes or so. It’s so convenient to come home and take off your jewelry and placed them back on the hooks for easy access. I’m very pleased with my purchase!

Jewelry Organization Tips!

You can buy this item at Target. Click here for the link

Chainlink Wall Storage- Aged Brass : Target


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