Lifestyle: Let Go & Be Free!

Everyone has that ex bf/gf who really gets underneath your skin; and you don’t know why.

Lifestyle: Let Go & Be Free!

It can be either

A. You still have feelings
BYou’re still in love or
C. You haven’t let go

 Here are some tips to help you LET GO!
1God removed him/she out of your life for a reason
2Forgiving those who mistreated you will help you let go
3. Self talk (reminding yourself you are a good person with an honest heart)
4. Listen to inspirational songs(Measure-Begin again, Haley Reinhart-Free, and The Strange Familiar- Unwanted) are pretty good songs especially Free “in this situation lol”
5. Pray about it, ask God to give you guidance.

I know forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past can be extremely difficult, but it’s worth it at the end.


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hope this is helpful!


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