Random Monday Chatter

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I wanted to try something a little different… I really have nothing specific to say I just wanted to chat so here goes!

Monday certainly isn’t the happiest day of the week for most people but it could be……with a bomb iced coffee and a sweet pastry. I think the best way to get over the Monday blues is to have a nice hot or cold shower ….. I personally prefer a somewhat cooler shower in the summer and a good breakfast with plenty of caffeine……Also a little food porn never hurt anybody and maybe a little celeb gossip too….. And don’t forget social media; which is literally like my newspaper in the A.M. Sometimes I’m actually late because I just can’t stop scrolling….. It’s super addictive and I fear it’s starting to get the best of me 🙂

Anywho my weekend was nothing too special. I had a test kitchen day, dinner and drinks with my sisters, and a pretty terrific Sunday dinner with family. All in all I can’t complain. Well I could but that would just be bratty 😉 

Well that’s it for now…..when said I had very little to say I meant it lol. Tune in tomorrow  for a tasty treat I’m bringing National Ice Cream day back with a bang!!

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