Hang Out With Me: Morning Edition!

I thought it may be fun to share a little bit of my morning routine with you. I may even start a new segment on the blog if this goes OK. First and foremost I just realized that today is the first day of December! Wow time is definitely flying; just yesterday I was just celebrating New Years with family and friends. Its true that time waits for no one and it never stops….. not even for a second.

Any who happy December everyone I hope your morning is going as smoothly as mine! I usually start my morning by checking my version of a newspaper Instagram! I follow almost a thousand accounts that keep me updated on current events, news, fashion, beauty, comedy, and tons of photos that only a foodie would enjoy…. and once I feel fully awake I head to the kitchen for breakfast. My Style Vita is one of the accounts I follow.


Sooooo this morning I decided to make a cup of coffee with my newly purchased donut shop blend coffee. I actually purchased this coffee from save-a-lot yesterday on a whim. I’ve been out of k-cups for about two weeks and have been hesitant to purchase new ones due to the hefty price. The holiday season is here and I am definitely on a budget. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try them out and save my bank account from further depletion. At $4.99 a box for 12 cups I must say its not bad!

coffee k cups

Over the weekend we took the time to decorate our Christmas tree; as you can see it felt the need to say hello in the background while I snapped this pic.

mr coffee keurig

I take my coffee with cream…. in this case caramel vanilla cream; which I also purchased at a discount one day while shopping at Walmart. I tend to purchase store brands whenever I’m on a budget. In most cases store brand products can taste just as delicious when compared to most popular brands, but of course that’s just my opinion.


For breakfast I decided to keep it simple but certainly not light by making a bowl of cereal….yes cereal lol. Its very rare that I’m even in the mood for cereal but I couldn’t resist the temptation while walking through the cereal aisle. Over the weekend I decided to accompany my boyfriend to the grocery store and he was kind enough to buy me this box of cereal. I must admit I had a somewhat hard time choosing between this and cookie crisp which BTW is my actually my favorite cereal ever! I decided to go with the Cinnabon cereal because I wanted to try something new and sweet!

cereal coffee

I often try to stay organized throughout the week with my Kate Spade planner! Opening my planner today was kind of special because I was greeted with a nice message for the month of December “Find the silver lining” which is actually a perfect message to start the month with. I sometimes struggle with seeing the good in certain situations so I have decided to try and search for the good in everything! (I will keep you posted on how that’s going)

kate spade planner

And lastly my day would not be complete without some sort of Netflix binge…..I along with my sisters are completely obsessed with PLL or Pretty Little Liars for those who aren’t familiar 🙂 This show is completely crazy and entertaining at the same time! Thanks to my roku I have the pleasure of watching it all the time in marathon sequence. If you are into suspense and fashion this show is for you! I often wonder if they will ever find out who “A” really is……

PLL Pretty little liar

And so that about does it for the first few hours of my morning; now I’m off to get serious about my day! If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out my cinnamon bun recipe! I posted it this morning on the blog.

Hang Out With Me: Morning Edition! – Margaritas On The Rocks

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