Food Crush- Peppercorn Crusted Hamburger Sliders

So on Saturday I was in the mood for a burger….a juicy burger but with less guilt. I figured mini hamburger sliders would be a better alternative so I made a quick stop at the grocery store and made lunch for the family. This was my first attempt at sliders and it was actually pretty fun making those tiny burgers! I decided to make a peppercorn crusted hamburger with mini sweet buns. A while ago I saw a recipe for peppercorn crusted steak and I thought why not try it on a burger? so today’s the day and I figure things can only get tastier from here….right?

Peppercorn hamburger sliders

Truth be told this is my first attempt at putting a crust on any type of meat. I am in no way a chef and refuse to take myself too seriously. I’m just a person who is highly obsessed with food, cooking shows, and cooking blogs…..and when I say obsessed I mean obsessed. I’ve always had an interest in food but it wasn’t until the last four or five years that I decided to start learning more about food and venturing outside of the norm. I love to cook and entertain so I guess you could say that my food obsession is turning into a hobby.


If you’re worried about forming the patties don’t be. My suggestion is to roll the ground beef into a ball and use the palm of your hand to flatten the burger on a flat surface.


as far as seasonings go I’ll try anything once, but for these sliders I used pepper, garlic salt, and onion powder. I also mixed in green onions with the meat.


I made just enough for my family who couldn’t wait to try them as soon as they were done. I aim to please.

hamburger sliders

Ingredients are very basic as I’m sure you already know but here’s what I used!

Hamburger Sliders
1 lb ground meat (I used beef)
5 or 6 slider buns
1/4 cup green onion
4 Tbsp peppercorn (crushed by hand) to form crust
onion powder
Garlic salt

red onion

If you decide to make them or have your own slider recipe let me know all about it below; also be sure to spill the deets on any changes you make to recipe!

Crystal Channing 🍷

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